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Rainier Therapeutic Riding is having our 2nd Annual Ride-a-Thon held at Aspen Farms!!

RTR is looking for any present and past riders who would be interested in riding in this event to find sponsors for them ride. This year we are lucky enough to expand our area and open the riding up to friends and volunteers of RTR! This year’s Ride-a-thon will be held at Aspen Farms, in Yelm, (just a few minutes away from RTR). “Well what if I’m not a sponsored rider and I want to bring my own horse?” Not a Problem!! We can allow others to bring their own horses to ride! The proceeds from this will help us continue to provide lessons and facilitate physical and emotional healing for our military, first responders and their families while promoting the growth of this mission! This should be a fun, action-packed day with so much to do! If you are interested please contact us at saddleup@rtriding.org or 360-400-1000. There is a limited amount of availability for additional horses so if you are interested in riding your own horse to support RTR please contact us!

This Week's Video!

   This week we are demonstrating how we put on our Rope Halters! The important factor that we always emphasize to our riders is, that in order to be the most fair to our horses, is to do everything the same way. Our therapy horses can work with several people in one day and to keep our horses happy we try to keep our tactics the same with each handler. We understand that riders or volunteers may have horses of their own and have their own way of working with the horses, for the sake of consistency we ask that each person here follows our procedure! This video below is just a quick example of what we like to see!

What's Happening this Session?

     On the first week of our 'Introduction to Horsemanship' classes we hold a Rider Orientation to allow them to get a feeling of what to expect from our classes and our horses. Most riders do not have horse experience so we help brake down the basic understanding and fundamental reactions and expectations horses have. We use this video to show a dramatized version of some of our horses interacting with each other. We ask the riders to look for reactions of each horse, why they are doing that action, how do the actions place the horse on the herd ranking. Watching the horses interact with each other allows a visual for our riders to see how horses communicate and that body language is key to establishing a respectful relationship with your horse.

Great opportunity for local businesses

Posted by Rainier Therapeutic Riding on Friday, March 4, 2016


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