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Foaled: 2003

Breed: Paint

Sex: Mare

Color: Chestnut or Sorrel

Height: 15.1hh

RTR Herd Member since: January 2016

History: English Pleasure,Trail riding

In celebration of our horse of the month, we broke down the cost of having Lady in our program. She is a great asset to our program, and in order to keep her healthy, happy and sound we take a few extra steps to ensure his comfort. Lady would appreciate any help given to continue her great environment at RTR, being that pretty can get expensive!

On average:

Lady will eat: 1 Bale of Timothy Hay a week = $120 per month

LMF Super Supplements Grain 1 lb per day = $20 per month

Farrier= $120 every 6 weeks.

Vaccines = $60 per year

Parasite Control = $20 four times a year

Dentistry work = $125 per year

If you would like to make any donation in Lady's name these are some of the expenses they would go towards for her!

Ben and Jerry

                        Ben and Jerry

        Ben                                                        Jerry

Foaled: 2014                                           Foaled: 2013

Breed: Miniature                                     Breed: Miniature

Sex: Gelding                                            Sex: Gelding

Color: Chestnut or Sorrel                        Color:Pale Palomino

                         RTR Herd Members since: July 2015


Foaled: 2000

Breed: Paint

     Sex: Mare

     Color: Bay Tabiono 

     Height: 15.3hh

     RTR Member since: January 2014

     History: Paint and Pinto Circuit, Extreme Trail



Foaled: 2003

Breed: Hanoverian/ Thoroughbred Cross

Sex: Mare

Color: Bay

Height: 17.2hh

RTR Herd Member since: August 2015

History: Dressage, Extreme Trail


Foaled:   2001  

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Sorrel

Height: 15hh

RTR Herd Member since: December 2016

History: Civil War Re-enacting, Cutting, Trail


                                                Foaled: 2004

                                                Breed: Suffolk Punch/Belgium Cross

                                                Sex: Gelding

                                                Color: Dappled Palomino

                                                Height: 16.3hh

                                        RTR Herd Member since: February 2014

                                               History: Vaulting


Foaled: 2002

Breed: Halflinger

Sex: Mare

Color: Chestnut

Height: 13.2hh

RTR Member since: December 2016

History: Driving. Western, English