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Wounded Warrior Project / PATH International Pilot Program Workshop August 2015

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Rainier Therapeutic Riding offers a variety of services for Veterans & Active-Duty Service members of all ages and abilities and Now All Public Service Members . 

Our core program consists of 8-week group horsemanship classes aimed at improving physical and emotional well-being.

Private lessons, one-day workshops, camps, internships and other events are offered throughout the year. 


Our method provides a solid framework for our riders to work with their horses in a safe and fun environment.  Our PATH Intl. Certified instructors provide an environment that encourages riders to try new things in a safe and comfortable setting, address personal goals and achieve independence.  We supply a variety of equipment and modifications to ensure that ALL veterans are able to participate with the program.  

All riders are welcome to repeat classes as many times as they would like and are able to move into the next level of class after completing a checklist of skills.


Some goals that Rainier Therapeutic Riding strives to achieve are:

Basic Horsemanship

GOAL: Riders will feel comfortable grooming, leading their horse and will have some experience riding at the walk, halt and basic steering.

All riders, regardless of experience or ability start with our basic horsemanship program.  This class integrates how horses think and react, grooming and relationship building, basic groundwork exercises with five weeks of mounted lessons. 

Each rider is paired with a specially trained horse - specifically chosen to match their needs and a lead volunteer.  This team, as well as 1 instructor for each set of 4 riders, works with their horse for the first 3 weeks on the ground before they have the opportunity to ride their horse in week 4. 

With the assistance of side-walkers and special equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable experience, riders move through stretches, walking, stopping and steering. 


Groundwork Skills and Ride at the Walk and Trot

GOAL: Learn how to navigate obstacles and prepare for your first trail ride.

The intermediate class works more independently with their horses.  With a ratio of 1 or more instructors for each 4 riders and 1-2 volunteers for the class, each rider has plenty of time to bond and interact with their mount under safe supervision. 

In this class each rider has the opportunity to choose one of our light weight Western, English or Australian saddles.  Riders will continue to work on their groundwork skills and ride at the walk and trot.  Using ring figures and our outdoor obstacle course riders learn to steer with accuracy and are prepared for our session goal of a trail ride.


Trail Riding

GOAL: Trail Ride!

As riders progress and want to learn more skills. Riders are paired by skill level, desired challenges and the horses they ride.  These groups work on advancing their groundwork skills, communication in the saddle and spend significant amounts of time working on the desired goals.

Each group is working toward a goal ride at the end of the session.  Groups have skills checklists and lessons are developed to assist riders meet personal and group goals.


If the above classes aren't what you are looking for, then please consider these: 


Private Lessons

Sometimes group lessons are not the best fit.  We understand and provide private lessons to address individual needs of riders with various abilities.  Please contact us to discuss goals and availability.


Post-Deployment Workshops

Coming home from overseas is hard. RTR partners with returning units to provide a 1-day workshop helping to re-sensitize, re-engage and prepare to re-engage with family, friends and the day to day tasks of being back at home.



Specially designed workshops to fit your specific needs. Cost for workshops is determined by the special request, number of participants and length of session. 


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